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All pricing is customized to the specific design of the event. Consultations are always complimentary. Please email to learn more, or to set up your consultation.  We look forward to hearing from you and discussing the details of your wedding day!

SERVICES: Event Services

Booking 2023 Events NOW

Event Planning

Lively and Fun

Whether you wish to be involved in every decision or your busy schedule demands a more hands-off approach, We will ensure that every element of your wedding is perfect from start to finish. At AB Occasion Design we will organize your vision and bring it to life.

Invitations and Guest Management

Event Coordination

Perfectly Planned

I care about making your event the best possible experience for everyone involved. I take care of all the small, tedious details and arrangements so that my clients can focus on the important stuff. That’s why I make the effort to understand your exact needs, so the event you imagine is the event you’ll get.

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